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How to Register Your Study

1) For a study already approved by the IRB, submit an expedited amendment to WSU IRB along with Appendix B (Internet use).

For this amendment:

Question 18, The Advertisement box should be checked. The location of the advertisement should say “DCaTS website will include this study. Appendix B for Internet Use has been revised to include this”.

For Appendix B: Internet Use in Research:

  • Question 1, Check DCaTS – Health Research Volunteer Website
  • Question 1a). YES
  • Question 2: N/A
  • Question 3: NO
  • Question 4: N/A
  • Question 5: Other: information posted on the volunteer registry
  • Question 6: On a secure server should be checked
  • Question 7: DCaTS coordinators and investigators
  • Questions 8 & 9: N/A

2) For a new study, add the DCaTS website to the Protocol Summary Form:

Question 36: Internet and Advertisement should be checked. For Advertisement, “the DCaTS website will include this study”.

Question 37a: Include DCaTS website as a method of recruiting subjects. Include Appendix B with your submission (instructions for filling out Appendix B is located above)

3) After you have obtained IRB approval to use the DCaTS website for a study, contact Karen Collins at 313-993-8706 or to obtain your password.

4) You may now add your study.

** After you receive your password, you may register other studies that have IRB approval to use the DCaTS website without contacting Karen.

Version 03.03.2011